At Stator Bikes, we believe in delivering top-notch quality and assurance in every product we offer. That’s why we proudly stand behind all our offerings with our comprehensive Nationwide Warranty.

Warranty Claims and Inquiries

For any warranty, service, or parts-related requests and inquiries, please reach out to our dedicated Tech Team for assessment. To initiate a warranty claim with us, simply complete our Online Warranty Request Form, which is conveniently linked below.


If you made your purchase through a local stockist, please contact your local store for warranty assistance.

Warranty Periods

      • 2 Years on new Stator Bikes Electric Bike Models

      • 6 Months on Products Sold as “Ex-Demo” or “Refurbished” items.

      • 3 Months on any Parts & Accessories.

    What Our Warranty Covers

        • Manufacturers’ Faults, defects, and/or failures.

        • Original purchasers of the product with a presentable receipt.

      What We Don’t Cover

      We do not cover the following:

          • Damage or failure due to misuse (e.g., freestyle activities).

          • Damage caused by neglecting regular servicing and maintenance.

          • Damage from water, natural disasters, fires, storms, or floods.

          • Damage from foreign objects or debris.

          • Damage caused by incorrect fitment, installation, or assembly.

          • Damage during shipping (Please consider opting for freight insurance during checkout if required).

          • Damage caused by not adhering to the Maintenance Schedule outlined in the instruction manual.

          • Wear and tear items such as tires, tubes, bearings, brake pads, and discs.

          • Modification, alterations, and installation of parts not supplied as original equipment or where the device is altered from its original manufacturer’s state.

          • Failure of components/parts/accessories used on non-Stator Bikes branded products for “DIY” purposes or on products that are not Stator Bikes branded items (e.g., Stator Bikes batteries used on custom-built bikes).

          • Persons who are not the original purchaser as listed on the receipt.

          • Claims outside the valid warranty date from the date of receipt.

          • Products won as prizes in exclusive competitions or giveaways.

          • Any packaging required to secure items for return repairs.

          • Accessories such as clothing, bags, tires, tubes, serviceable fluids, perishables, or wear and tear items.

        What to Do When You Encounter a Warranty Issue

        If you experience a warranty problem, please contact a member of our team for assistance in diagnosing the issue and complete a Warranty Request Form.

        Depending on the nature of the issue, we will:

            • Ship out the replacement part if a manufacturer’s fault is established.

            • Direct you to one of our authorized dealers, a local bike store, or technician for further attention if the fault requires technician diagnosis, repair, or component installation.

            • In extreme and isolated cases, we will arrange the return of the product to us at our own expense.

          Please note that items requiring return for repairs must be securely packed for shipping. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the product is securely packed for this return process. Any damages incurred during shipping are not warrantable and are not covered by Stator Bikes.

          At Stator Bikes, we prioritize customer safety. Therefore, any modification, alterations, or installation of parts not supplied by Stator Bikes or not as original equipment from the manufacturer will void the product warranty immediately. We will not assume any responsibility for problems arising from such modifications, alterations, or aftermarket replacements, including, but not limited to: battery, motor, controller, throttle, transmission system, suspension systems, and braking systems, etc.