Unmatched Value

At Stator Bikes, we design high-quality electric bikes at a surprisingly affordable price. Both customers and industry experts agree that our bikes offer the ‘best bang for your buck’ with a quality-to-price ratio that simply cannot be beaten.

By no means do we carry the lowest-priced ebikes on the market. However, when you start to compare similar ebikes within the same category and specifications, you will uncover that time after time, Stator Bikes offers the more affordable option. In many of those cases, with the same or even better name-brand components than competitors. We encourage everyone to do their research to make the best decision for their specific needs.

Australian Owned

The electric bike market is becoming saturated with brands entering the space within the last 1-2 years. Many of them are overseas manufacturing brands that are trying to take advantage of the growing demand in Australia for electric mobility. Stator Bikes is an Australian company, headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland since 2023.

While the low ebike prices from overseas brands can be appealing, it is likely that you will sacrifice greatly on not only the product quality but also the quality of support you receive once you receive your ebike. Many of these companies only care about unit sales and focus very little (to none at all) on post-purchase support. Often time cheaper parts are used that you don’t realise because all the individual brand components are not listed. We know our way around the industry and understand what is important to our customers: value, performance, quality, and support.

Performance & Safety

Don’t let our affordable price tags fool you, we pack a whole lot of bike into our models. We strategically equip our ebikes with name-brand components that pass our rigorous safety and quality standards. We know which components offer quality at value and which don’t.

Our designs and builds are focused on premium brand components to make sure your ebike continue to perform for many years to come. Safety is our top priority, so we’ve implemented features to ensure rider safety over the lifetime of your ebike. This includes features such as motor cut-off brakes and utilising leading battery manufacturer Samsung instead of compromising on cheaper battery cells.

Customer Support

After-purchase support is a primary focus where our goal is to ensure that our customers are having the best experience with their ebikes. Our Australian based support team consists of knowledgeable experts and retailers with years of cycling industry experience and bike repairs.

Don’t just shop ebikes, shop companies – we encourage everyone to contact the brand you plan on purchasing from and ask questions to better understand the level of service and support you can expect after you purchase an ebike. You may encounter long wait times, unhelpful or unknowledgeable agents reading from a script, or never get a response at all. Stator Bikes representatives are on standby to assist, we also have digital resources for assembly, maintenance, troubleshooting and more.